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UniSA Rock Climbing Club

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About Us

As a community, the UniSA Rock Climbing Club aims to further the climbing ability of all members, whilst catering for all skill levels with an emphasis on teamwork, safety & fun!

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* Training *
The Club trains together all year round on Monday evenings from 6pm - 10pm at Vertical Reality Climbing Gym (VRC) (12/560 North East Road, Holden Hill). The Club also trains on Thursday evenings from 6pm - 10pm at Adelaide's Bouldering Club (ABC)(10 Ware Street, Thebarton).
Beyond Bouldering (15 Croydon Rd, Keswick SA 5035) has recently opened and you will find us there on Wednesday or Fridays from 6pm - 10pm.

If you are keen to get involved and meet some people attend one of those nights and ask for someone from the UniSA Rock Climbing Club.
You can also contact us if you have any questions;
Email: climbunisa@gmail.com
Phone: 0406 0 CLIMB (0406 025 462)

So why join the UniSA Rock Climbing Club?

1. The Rock Climbing Community
Our club holds the age old principles of the climbing community in high esteem. Each climb or boulder problem is a personal challenge, and as such everyone strives to achieve their own goals regardless of the ability of others. Within the club, members constantly provide advice and support creating a friendly environment for learning new skills.

2. New Friends
Whether it’s the time spent together having fun climbing or simply that positive people make great friends, who knows! One thing is certain though, people you climb with have a habit of becoming long term friends.

3. Acquire a New Skill Set (Learn Technique)
The skill set required for climbing may just be one of the most extensive skill bases required for any sport. Learning how to move and control your body in different positions to surpass a physical and/or mental obstacle is a tough challenge, though one that is highly rewarding upon success. Get involved and you will find out not only that there is more to climbing than you think, but that you are actually capable of doing it yourself regardless of prior experience or ability level!

4. Learn Balance
One of the first things you learn and one of the last you master. Want to learn about the hundreds of balance planes through which the body operates? Take up rock climbing you may just learn a few! Climbing with balance reduces the need for strength and power. Each challenge within the sport demands different levels of balance. Though this is not the be all and end all of climbing…

5. Enhance Your Strength, Power and Endurance
Can’t do a pushup, chinup, 1-legged squat? Think you aren’t strong enough to go rock climbing? Rubbish. Male or Female, it really doesn’t matter! You don’t need to be strong to start climbing, strength, power and endurance are all things which rock climbing will teach you. Many of our members began without the ability to do things like push-ups and chin-ups and it didn’t make a shred of difference to their climbing. Later on though, they applied what they had learned, practiced lots and now they can do things they thought they would never be able to do.

6. Discounted Indoor Climbing
All club members receive discounted indoor climbing any day of the week at Adelaide’s Bouldering Club (Thebarton) which will cost you $12 (club shoes available).
VRC - Gear available for members use in the club box when available.

7. Free Outdoor Climbing
The club runs FREE outdoor rock climbing days roughly every month. We have gear which can be borrowed for the day free of cost, and we set up all the ropes so you are free to enjoy climbing on real rock. There are a variety of locations around Adelaide, most likely places you have never been. So give in to your spirit of adventure and give outdoor climbing a shot! Stay tuned for cheap trips away to interstate climbing locations in 2018 as well.

8. Fun Events Outside of Climbing
Social events are important for networking, making new friends and having heaps of fun. The club runs regular events throughout the year including; dinners, meetings, movie nights, quiz nights, slacklining, tree planting, high teas (tea parties), bush walks, night walks and anything else our members want to do really, everyone ends up having fun regardless.

9. Slacklining
Slacklining is an emerging new balance sport in which you walk along a tensioned piece of webbing. Slacklining originates from rock climbing, where rock climbers would string up some climbing webbing on a rest day for a bit of fun. Begin with walking then move on to turning, jumping and many other advanced tricks. Slacklining days are organised every couple of months for the club.

10. Discount at the Outdoor Shops.
Currently we are sponsored by 2 of the major outdoor companies in Adelaide; Paddy Pallin and The Scout Outdoor Centre.

Paddy Pallin provide 20% off all climbing gear, and The Scout Outdoor Centre provide 20% off all climbing gear and 10% store wide for students with a valid ID card. That’s some pretty decent discount!!

11. Club of the Year 2013 & 2016!!!
The UniSA rock climbing club was awarded “Club of the Year” for 2013 and 2016 by UniSA Sport! We were awarded club of the year for a reason! So why not join and find out why?! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of all that fun and adventure?!


1. Join UniSA Sport
Before you join the UniSA Rock Climbing Club you must first join UniSA sport. To do this go onto the UniSA sport home page (http://unisasport.edu.au/) and hit ‘join’. Then;
a) Select student if you are a UniSA student. Select non-student if you go to another Uni or are not a student.
b) Once the either of the above products has been selected you will need to create an account with UniSA sports.
c) Follow the prompts and fill in all your details.
d) If you are a UniSA student the membership is free, if you are not, pay the $22 joining fee.
e) Now you are a member of UniSA Sports. This means you are covered under their insurance and you are able to attend any social events that they hold throughout the year. All club members must join UniSA Sports.

2. Join the UniSA Rock Climbing Club;
a) Locate the Rock Climbing Club page on this website and click join.
b) Join the group called '2018 UniSA Rock Climbing Club Members'
c) Purchase the $25 club membership product.
d) You are now a club member and are entitled to a number of benefits (Please see the attached list of benefits).
e) Membership cards can be obtained at VRC, ABC & BB

3. Facebook
Join the UniSA Rock Climbing Club Facebook page;
(You will be approved on request).
Here you can see all of the upcoming events (Events Tab), ask any questions you have and chat with everyone from the club. Check out our outdoor days every month, or post on the wall to see who’s heading out climbing!

Who Do I talk To?

Alysha Wreford - President
Nathan Cehic - Treasurer
Alex McAdam - Secretary
Chelsea Danher-Hart - Committee
Manchun Cheuk - Committee

So get out there and go climb a rock!

All the best from the UniSA Rock Climbing Club Crew