David Battisti

What is your fitness motto?
Movement is medicine, move it or lose it.
Bachelor of Human Movement and Exercise Science
Diploma in Fitness
Certificates III & IV in Fitness
Fitness Australia registration
What do you love about working for UniSA Sport?
The fact that I can still be part of the universty, working alongside past colleagues, helping and guiding future students and giving back to the university that gave to me.
Why are you passionate about health and fitness?
I am passionate about educating people on learning how to move correctly, why we do what we prescribe and injury prevention. I feel that a lot of people (especially in the older generation) are scared to move and perceive exercise in the gym as something you only do if you want to 'put muscle on', not something that the body needs or can benefit from. My pet hate is hearing someone say 'rest is best' this drives me to change this perception and show people the amazing benefits that exercise and movement can bring into their lives.
Area of specialty/expertise
Corrective Exercise
Injury Prevention
Strength and Conditioning

Favourite Sporting Team
Port Adelaide Football Club