Sarah Fullston

What is your fitness motto?
'Never skip a Monday' - ensuring exercise takes place on a Monday sets me up for a positive and productive week.
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Studies)
What do you love about working for UniSA Sport?
I love working in an environment surrounded by likeminded people, who are all constantly building on existing knowledge within the areas of exercise prescription and movement analysis to benefit not only members of the community, but themselves as individuals. I also love the emphasis on inclusion and involvement that UniSA Sport promotes.
Why are you passionate about health and fitness?
I honestly believe that exercise brings so much benefit to an individuals life. Not only does it provide positive physical changes, but positive mental changes as well. Personally, the healthier and fitter I'm feeling, the happier I am, and the happier I am the more I am able to get out of life and the bigger positive influence I am able to have. Exercise helps me to feel energised, helps my productivity level and improves my mental clarity and self-confidence.

Area of specialty/expertise
I especially enjoy helping others improve their core control and activation, glute activation, as well as helping them to become more aware of their body, how it moves and as a result, improve movement patterns. I appreciate helping others come to the realisation that exercise and movement can be used to reduce pain, when programmed and prescribed properly. I have a passion for junior athletic development in regards to building strong foundations and minimizing the risk of injury, which hopefully promotes a greater chance of success.

Favourite Sporting Team
Adelaide Crows