Rikki Singh

What is your fitness motto?

You live one life. Go leave your legacy!
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)
Bachelor of Banking and Finance
South Australian Sports Medicine Australia Level 2 Sports Trainer
What do you love about working for UniSA Sport?
It has given me an opportunity to engage and surround myself with likeminded people, where I can learn everyday and implement those learnings in my own sets of skills. It's a brilliant workplace to build up your attributions and skill set.
Why are you passionate about health and fitness?
I strongly believe that health and fitness are key to various opportunities in life. You don't have to be a fitness guru or expert about it. It is proven that whatever you do in life, health and fitness is a key element towards your goals and the vision you have for yourself. Thus, I want people to get active and engage in physical training as fitness is proven to have heaps of benefits for individuals.

Area of specialty/expertise
Specialized sports training and performance (soccer, basketball, etc)
Core stability and strength training
Sports nutrition

Favourite Sporting Team

Sporting Lisbon (Portugal's soccer team)