Is Personal Training Worth It? We Tell You Why It Is!

Alex Traeger


Why should you work with a Personal Trainer

There’s a common misconception that people visit personal trainers just to lose weight. While personal trainers certainly can help with that, they can also assist with a big range of other goals. Want to improve your core strength? Increase your muscle mass? Learn how to use the equipment in the gym safely? Get general health and wellbeing tips? Personal trainers are your go to. Here is some info about personal trainers and how they can help you achieve any goals you might have.

A Personal Trainer will help you set realistic and specific goals

The second you walk into a gym, you aren’t going to be able to do 100 chin-ups. Personal trainers will work with you on your goals, so they are realistic and achievable. Many people want their ‘bikini bods’ ready for summer, but there is more to it than working on your abs by doing 50 crunches a day. PT’s will tell you the right mix of cardio and weights, how your diet can improve and will work to an appropriate timeframe. If you want to run the City-Bay Fun Run or get selected in the UniSport Nationals, personal trainers will create programs for your specific goals.

You will learn life-long skills from your Personal Trainer

While personal trainers are there to train you during each specific session, their role is also to provide you with the right knowledge, resources, guidance, and skills so that you can do it yourself. They can educate you on how your muscles work, show you exercises that target the specific areas, teach you exercises to reduce your risk of injury when playing sport, give you exercises to help engage muscles to improve bad posture associated with long periods of sitting, teach you how to use equipment safely and how to lift weights with correct form to help avoid injuries. Once you have started with a personal trainer and have taken their advice, you may be able to continue your routine by yourself in the gym or from home. It’s a base for you to stay committed to your fitness goals, so you can have a plan set in place for a period of time.

Your Personal Trainer will keep you accountable and motivated

If you have an appointment booked in and your personal trainer is waiting for you to rock up, you can’t bail! If you’re investing time and money into exercise, you may as well make it worthwhile. Personal trainers also remind you of your reasons for wanting to exercise and why it is so important. Personal training provides ‘You’ time into your weekly schedule; Time for you to work towards being the best version of yourself. Motivation is essential when it comes to fitness, and PTs are the best motivators. There’s no slacking off with a PT standing over you!

So, what next?

Personal training is offered by UniSA Sport at our City West, City East, and Magill campuses. Our personal trainers offer tailored programs – they will sit with you, learn about your goals and put together a program that will best suit your needs. With many of our trainers having graduated tertiary schooling, we have some of the most qualified PT’s in the state – along with some of the most affordable prices too! They also will fit into your schedule, so if you only have time to train early in the morning, late at night, in between lectures or during your lunch break, they will be flexible. What are you waiting for, team? If you aren’t seeing results yourself or don’t know where to start, visit our friendly staff at the gym reception or contact us for more information.

Words: Kirralee Thomas


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