#TeamUniSA Profile: UniSA Athletics Club

Alex Traeger


This week’s profile is on the UniSA Athletics Club. A club who are actively involved in not only running regular training sessions but compete in intervarsity events, events run by Athletics SA and the City-Bay fun run.

What activities and events has the UniSA Athletics Club offered in the past 12 months?

Over the last 12 months, the UniSA Athletics Club has been involved in several athletics events. Members competing in the SA Challenge, UniSport Nationals and the Ekiden Relays, held at the UniLoop track in North Adelaide. Primarily due to student interest, the club has had a large focus on long-distance running events, last year also competing in the Fitzy’s 5 Fun Run in the lead up to entering one of the largest teams into the 2019 City to Bay. The club ran regular training sessions leading into this event, collaborating with UniSA Sport.

Training every week consistently throughout the year, on Wednesday evenings (when not avoiding viruses). The club would like to thank the Adelaide Harriers Athletics Club for allowing the club to use their track and equipment for training in the south parklands, as well as providing opportunities for club members to compete in the summer track and field season.

What are some of your club achievements?

Every time one of our club members beats their personal best at training or shows improvement in their athletic ability, the club considers it to be a notable achievement. However, last year we had a very strong showing at the Ekiden Relay, placing ahead of several more experienced teams.
The club was exceptionally proud to see all half marathon runners, representing Team UniSA in the City-Bay, that trained with the UniSA Athletics Club also place well up the field.

How has your club adapted to the circumstances in 2020?

It’s obviously been challenging for all clubs in 2020, with social distancing in place. It is difficult to train, coach or even interact as a club. With athletics seen as primarily an individual sport, members have so far been happy to forge their own path through this strange time. The UniSA Athletics Club are keen to set up regular running challenges through STRAVA to keep people moving and hearts pumping, should there be interest from existing and new members.

How can people join your club?

UniSA students, staff, alumni and community members can join the UniSA Athletics Club by first becoming a UniSA Sport Clubs and Events Member, then signing up on the club webpage.

The UniSA Athletics Club have big exciting plans for members post-COVID-19, with the Olympics now just over a year away. Stay tuned and stay safe!

Thanks Athletics Club!


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