About Us

UniSA Judo Club

Welcome to the UniSA Judo Club!

We are based out of both City East and City West campuses.

Our club was established in 1972 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022. We are  Judo Australia (SA) affiliated club and a member of Kodokan Judo Institute (Tokyo, Japan).

Our approach

Our Kodokan-trained head coach takes a traditional approach to Judo, which includes both modern, competition-focused techniques and older techniques which are no longer used in international competition. We aim to teach both fundamental judo skills, and to improve focus and mental toughness in our members.

Training sessions

Each training session will typically involve:

  • A warm up
  • Strength, fitness and conditioning exercise
  • Education on new techniques and ideas, and practice of techniques (Uchikomi)
  • Sparring (Randori)

Other techniques and components that we train include:

  • Breakfalls and rolls (Ukemi)
  • Throws (Nage waza)
  • Ground-based wrestling (Katame waza)
  • Submissions (Osaekomi waza, Shime waza, Katnsetsu waza)

Our members

Our members are a diverse group of people, including UniSA students, graduates and people from the wider community. We take a casual and friendly approach to training, and are welcoming of people from all walks of life. Our members also have different goals and interests within Judo - some of us want to compete, others want to learn kata or just participate for fitness. Whatever your interest, you'll fit in!


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